Now is the time to reclaim control in a World that feels out of control

Living in a climate of uncertainty has an impact on emotional, mental and physical health. Challenges of this nature invite diving deeper into innate natural intelligence each person holds. Practical exercises from Yoga, Qi Gong, Biodynamics combined with attuning to sensing, shifting perspective, sense making, to attain physical and emotional balance. Biophilia is an integral need and source of meaning. Our shared experience will expand perception, see the minute aspects of our world that offer wonder.

You are invited to use uncertainty to gain control over your well being, your clarity and calm and leave with the awareness of the quality of the relationship with yourself and others in the dance with the outer world.

  • Know what your brain does with uncertainty and how to tame it.
  • Gain capacity to act positively on signals you receive from the external environment.
  • Reconnect with yourself, with nature and with your senses.
  • Recover self-sovereignty in co-creating the future you want in concert with others.
  • Solidify your confidence for upcoming challenges – expand resilience.
  • Understand the evolving role of leadership in a rapidly changing world.
  • Reframe strategy development for unpredictable contexts.


  • Entrepreneurs and decision-makers facing the challenge of organizing in the current stormy times.
  • People that want to restore trust in themselves in the face of uncertainty.
  • Those who feel the need for reframing the role of leadership and strategy development.

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Join us to share experience, knowledge and wisdom about thriving in uncertainty in our livestream on Dawna, Stelio and Manfred are looking forward to explore this important topic. Now is the time to leave anxiousness behind you and unleash your full potential to overcome the challenges. Dont see the problems, go the way, listen, learn and change the world.

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